How to fight the writer's block

How to fight the writer’s block as a blogger

Do you open a Word document with the firm intention of writing a blog post but stare at a blank page for hours? My friend, this is writer’s block and we all go through this. The imposter syndrome often mixes itself in the situation, where you find yourself wondering why people would even care about you and your blog. To conquer this annoying step in a blogger’s life, I put together some tips to help you start writing.

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Write down your ideas

I don’t know about you, but I often get amazing ideas for blog posts when I am not in a situation where I can grab my laptop and write.

For this reason, I use Trello to note my ideas and keep them organized. You can use the desktop version or the app (the app is very useful when you are not in front of your computer).

I also use Trello to brainstorm potential ideas. You don’t know how to start? Google it! So many bloggers wrote posts about top X ideas for specific niches.

For instance, the topic that I struggle with the most on my blog A Grammar Nerd’s Life is motherhood. I have tons of things to say about it but I end up staring at a blank page. When this happens, I simply google “Motherhood blog post ideas” and note everything that I could potentially write about.

Are you more of a pen-and-paper person? Get yourself a cute notebook and a pen that you like, and start writing your ideas!

Use a template

When I want to write a blog post, I use a template that I created for myself. This way, the page is not actually blank. You know what? It might be silly, but it does work for me. I can fill out all the different fields and get my ideas together and at some point, I will start writing the article.

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Read about your topic

Sometimes, the writer’s block stems from feeling like you don’t know enough about the topic you want to write about. But here’s the thing: many people have probably already written about that! Do a quick research on Google, read more about the subject, and write down a few points you really want to address.

Be careful to not plagiarize other’s work. Not only this is far from okay but you could end up with a costly lawsuit. Your blog should be about your own perspective. You will write about something that thousands of people might have written about, but use your own voice, your own style.

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Research what are the most popular topics now

In his course Stupid Simple SEO, Mike Pearson addresses keyword research. in-depth. His goal is to help you rank higher in Google in your own niche but this keyword research is actually excellent to give you topic ideas by learning what your competitors or major companies are writing about.

Would you like to learn more? You can take Mike’s free masterclass or register for Stupid Simple SEO here.

Make yourself comfortable

Where do you feel the most inspired? At your desk? In your living room? In your backyard? Do you need a nice cup of coffee? Should you listen to your favorite playlist?

From my perspective, I have always been the most productive when it’s loud and busy around me. I sit down with my laptop on my recliner (that used to be my great-grandpa’s), I let my kids play in the living room, and this is how my flow juices start running. Even when I was in college and university, I was more productive while sitting at the cafeteria and listening to music.

Find out what’s your most creative work setting, and you should eventually get over your writer’s block.

Sleep on it

Wait. I am not telling you to procrastinate. But sometimes, stepping out and taking some time to think about your topic will help you get your ideas together. Once you had time to reflect on it, you could write an outline with the main points you want to address. And you know what? These main points will become your headings in your blog post!

It is possible to get over the writer’s block and imposter syndrome. But sometimes, other ideas get in your way. It’s okay! Write about the topic that inspires you right now and simply get back to your first topic later. Nobody will judge you! I’m pretty sure I have 12 Word documents for topics that I never finished writing about. Eventually, I will feel inspired and publish this post!

Now that you have conquered writer’s block, learn how to publish your first blog post on WordPress!

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