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Our top 10 blogging courses you should take

Starting a blog from scratch is quite a process! However, the blogging community is the best thing in the world, and a lot of successful bloggers put together excellent blogging courses, some for free and some you have to pay for, to help you get started. 

McKayla, from The Comma Mama Co., and I made a list of our top 10 courses you should take. These will set you on the right path to launch a successful blog.

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1. Becoming a blogger

If you had to follow only one course to start blogging, that would be the one. It is so comprehensive about almost everything you need to know to get started, and what’s next. That includes hosting services, blogging platforms, affiliate marketing, social media, legal, etc. This is definitely my top resource I would suggest to everyone. I still refer to it once in a while.

Enroll here:

2. Blogging basics

I just discovered the website SkillShare, where you can find lots of courses for free, or premium. I am currently watching Blogging Basics, and this is a good starting point if you are still unsure about wanting to start your own blog. 

Enroll here for free: 

3. Content Creation 101 – Your Blogging University 

To have a great blog, you need great content. Your Blogging University has a great course named Content Creation 101, where Crystal Paine takes you through the basics of getting started with writing. 

Enroll here:

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4. Boost your blog traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is definitely your friend if you want to bring more traffic to your blog. Again, this training is by Cate Rosales, but I just love her approach to teaching. This class is divided over the course of 5 days, but you can definitely complete it in a couple of days.

Enroll here for free:

5. Your Course Toolkit

The best way to get the best resources at a lower price is to keep an eye out on bundles. The next bundle from Your Course Toolkit will be out on June 1st, 2020, so stay tuned! In this bundle, you get over 25 courses for $99. I bought mine last time it was available and I am still going through all of the resources I got. 10/10 would recommend!

Get on the waiting list here:

6. Blogging for beginners 

I love Tasha from Lady Boss Studio. To get access to this free eBook, you need to sign up to the resource library. Once you received the password, head to Blogging for Beginners. You can also enjoy all of the other free resources, such as different templates, checklists, planners, etc. 

Access to the free resource library here:

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7. Stupid simple SEO

When you are blogging (and want to be successful at it), you gotta work on the SEO to ensure Google thinks you are a reliable resource. This is the topic of Stupid Simple SEO. You can check out Mike’s free video training, available all year long, and enroll in the premium Stupid Simple SEO training when the enrollment period is on (twice a year). 

Access the free training videos here: 

8. Ready, set, blog for traffic 

Elna is a mom blogger who found the recipe to attract traffic to her blog, and it worked. In this course, she takes you through the basics and moves on to SEO, Pinterest, and the creation of content. This course is the next one on my list!

Enroll here:

9. Blog Traffic Guide

I told you that the blogging community is the best community ever! This amazing free guide takes you through how to increase the traffic and page views on your blog, and it’s short enough to read it in one sitting.

Enroll here for free:

10. Build a Profitable Blog 

Last but not least, Build a profitable Blog is a comprehensive course by Aminta where you will learn everything you need to know on a module basis. You will also have access to over 50 training videos. 

Enroll here:

A large number of professionals offer so many great courses and books, and it can become overwhelming. I get that! My best advice here is to start one course at a time. Once completed, move on to the next one. 

Make sure to read our top 10 books for Bloggers on The Comma Mama Co.!

Have you followed one of these courses? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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