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Recap: Resources for blogging

I made this list in case you were looking for tools and resources for blogging that I shared in previous blog posts.

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Email marketing


Mailerlite is a super simple email service provider with a great user-friendly interface. You get to create pop-up and embedded forms, landing pages, automation, and campaigns.

If you want to get started, read this step-by-step guide about forms in Mailerlite.

Get started with Mailerlite here.

Hosting Services


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services. I use it for my #HowToAdult blog, A Grammar Nerd’s Life. Their customer service is great; so far, I’ve had to contact them two times, including one to improve the security of my blog, and they were very knowledgeable and fixed my problem in only one interaction.

If you want to learn how to host your blog on Bluehost, read this blog post.

Get started with Bluehost here.


I use SiteGround for this blog and I have nothing bad to say about it right now. I decided to host my second blog on another platform after seeing so many great comments by successful bloggers.

Come back soon for the step-by-step guide to setting up your blog on SiteGround.

Get started with SiteGround here.

Legal documents

A blog is a business. Therefore, you absolutely need to protect your blog and yourself from potentially destructive lawsuits. Luckily, a business blogger that I love, Amira Irfan, created legal documents specifically for bloggers.

Check out the different products you could use to protect your blog and yourself:

And so much more! If you want to learn more about the reasons why you should protect yourself with legal documents, check out this blog post.

Online courses

Learning and development is the key to grow your blog successfully. There are so many awesome courses about blogging out there, so I can’t list them all here. Here are a few essentials:

You can also check the post Our top 10 blogging courses you should take, in collaboration with The Comma Mama co.!

Social planning tools


Tailwind is THE planning tool for Pinterest and Instagram. It’s super easy to use and you will save a ton of time while working on your Pinterest and Instagram content. The thing that absolutely got me is the batch processing. You can create multiple pins in a matter of minutes.

The Instagram section also gives you access to Smart Bio. This way, instead of changing the one link in your bio all the time, you simply get a portal with multiple links.

Get started with Tailwind here.

Stock photos


I cannot tell you enough how much I love Pixistock. This vast collection of stock photos is all about diversity and inclusion, and you can find images in various domains, such as business, kids, food, and much more.

Pixistock offers many subscriptions types but I strongly recommend you get the annual membership to access to everything they have to offer, including Adobe Lightroom Presets, templates, content calendars, and much more.

Get started with Pixistock here.


Canva is a really great design tool for a variety of projects, from Pinterest pins to Facebook covers, including eBooks and resumes. The free version comes with a ton of functions but you get access to everything with the pro version, including fonts, images, backgrounds, elements, templates, and more.

Get started with Canva here.

WordPress Theme

Ashe Pro

I have this awesome theme for this website and I love it. The paid version gives you access to many more customization options, such as the typography. The free version is also super great.

Get started with Ashe Pro here.

Bard Pro

Seriously, all the themes from WP Royals are awesome. This is the one I use for my other blog, A Grammar Nerd’s Life. I love the interface, I love the look, I love the customization, and I absolutely chose it for the banner with a coffee mug.

Get started with Bard Pro here.

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